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Welcome to the Eltham Fire Brigade Summer 2013/14 edition.

The Eltham Fire Brigade has been serving the local community of Eltham since 1930. The brigade is staffed full time by qualified Fire Officers and Fire Fighters, and community volunteers who are trained in a variety of competencies, enabling them to take part in all urban and rural fire fighting tasks.

If you have an interest in finding out more about the brigade, or the services the brigade offers including Fire Equipment Maintenance (FEM) and community information, please contact the brigade below.

Volunteer Recruitment
Currently the Eltham Fire Brigade welcomes applications from potential new members, however a waiting list is now in place. To apply, send an email to and we will be in contact with you to provide more information. We are particularly looking for people who may be available during the day, and who live close to the station in Main Rd, but welcome all local applications.

We have recently updated the brigade appliances page. Click the appliances menu item, or here to visit the new page.

Ensure that you are FireReady - visit the CFA Fire Safety site at

Fire Ready Victoria

Each summer CFA takes it to the streets with a community safety education program targeted to residents in high fire risk areas across Victoria.

Interactive community meetings in local halls and street corners meetings are planned across the State with the aim of raising people's awareness of their bushfire risk, and to work with residents to turn awareness into action.

More information can be found on the Eltham CFA Facebook Events page at or you can register your attendance and receive updates via the CFA Community Programs website.

Download your Fire Ready Kit by visiting You can also download the A4 PDF Flyer regarding Eltham's Fire Ready Victoria Meetings and distribute it amounst your local neighbourhood. Download the flier.



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75th Anniversary Video

A short video detailling some of the history of the Eltham Fire Brigade was produced for the 75th Anniversary of the Brigade in 2005. See the video on our 75th Anniversary Video Page.

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