Fire Equipment Maintenance

CFA Accredited maintenance ensures your fire equipment will operate in an emergency and financially supports the Eltham brigade.


Welcome to the Eltham Fire Brigade

The Eltham Fire Brigade has been serving the local community of Eltham since 1926. The brigade today is 100% volunteer based and acts in a support roll to staff at Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) Station 82 (formerly Eltham City) covering Eltham, and surrounding areas.  As a class 5 brigade, the volunteers are trained in a wide variety of competencies, enabling them to take part in all urban and rural fire fighting tasks.

Fire Equipment Maintenance

The Eltham Fire Brigade provides a Fire Equipment Maintenance or FEM service to the areas of Eltham and surrounding suburbs that is conducted by qualified CFA personnel for all servicable fire fighting and fire prevention and safety equipment.   This includes all types of fire extinguishers, (water type, foam type, dry chemical, carbon dioxide CO2 and wet chemical) fire blankets, fire hose reels, hydrants and layflat hose.