Community Safety

Of paramount importance is the protection of lives and property in Eltham and surrounding areas.

The Eltham Fire Brigade is involved in a wide range of community safety activities that aim to prepare and engage the local community to develop awareness, readiness and resilience in the face of the threat of fire.

These activities include:community-safety

  • Local brigade attendance at community events
  • Displays and information kits
  • Distribution of CFA publications
  • Community Forums
  • Fire Ready Victoria meetings
  • Bushfire planning workshops
  • Facilitation of Community Fireguard groups
  • Fire Safe Kids and Fire Safe Youth programs in schools
  • Development of fire management plans
  • Assessing overall community risk factors
  • Advocating for fire management works to be undertaken to reduce risk

and many others.

You can be involved with our activities and join us at our events.  Just keep an eye on our events calendar and come along and find out more.

If you would like us to be involved in your community event, let us know on our booking form and we’ll do our best to come along.