Eltham Tanker 1

elthamtanker107_dEltham Tanker 1 came into service with the Eltham Fire Brigade in 2006, replacing a 3.4L Tanker.  Initially, the designation of the tanker was Eltham Tanker 2, however this was changed in 2011 to align vehicle designations with turnout priorities.

The tanker responds to support Eltham Pumper for Eltham primary calls and where requested to attend other local brigades in a support capacity.


Cab chassis: Hybrid Crew Cab

Engine: Heavy Tanker Hino Ranger PRO 8Z 4WD Diesel Engine[/tab]

Seating: Five

Height over Beacons: 3.01m

Overall Length: 7.83m

Overall body Width: 2.49m (3.00m inc mirrors)

Wheelbase: 4.10m

Turning Circle: 17.7m

GVM 13.90T – Operational 13.25T

Front Axle 4.80T

Rear Axle 8.45T

Pump: GAAM Mk. 325 Pump powerd by a HATZ 2L41C Diesel Engine

Duty Point: 900 LPM @ 700 kPa

Maximum Flow: 1400 LPM

Tank Capacity: 3000 lts First Aid supply with 750 lts Crew Protection System Supply