Eltham Tanker

eltham-tanker-2-2016Eltham Tanker is one of the CFA Medium Tankers and commenced operations with the brigade in December 2015 taking over from the 2.2D Tanker after 27 years of service. 

It is the Eltham Fire Brigade primary response appliance and carries up to five crew.



  • Hino 1322 GT 5000 (4×4) Cab Chassis
  • SEM 2012 Build
  • Seats 5
  • Pump: GAAM Mk. 300 Pump powered by a HATZ 2L41C Diesel Engine
  • UHP Pump: XWLA Piston Pump powered by a Lombardini 25LD 425/2 diesel engine
  • Duty point: 900 LPM @ 700 kPa
  • Maximum flow: 1400 litres per minute
  • Water capacity: 2350L