Historical Appliances and Vehicles

The Eltham Fire Brigade has had a long list of vehicles through the years, starting with a Dodge Pumper which was provided to the Brigade after the 1939 Bushfires.

See below the historical vehicles and appliances of the Eltham Fire Brigade.

MFB Hosereel – 1926 – 1939

mfb-hosereel-a4The brigade’s first equipment was a hose reel loaned by the MFB. Councillor E J Andrew worked hard to secure £10 from the shire council at the time, which enabled the brigade to purchase the reel.  The MFB also donated 200 ft of hose to the brigade which saved the brigade £15.

station_truck_1939Dodge Pumper 1939-1956

7 June 1939 – Eltham Brigade receives a new pump mounted on a Dodge Chassis, providing a 250 gallon per minute pumping capacity, and the engine has ladders and compartments for 1200 feet of hose.  The vehicle was a transfer from Frankston Station but had only done 3000 miles so was as good as new.

Registration: 63 602


Austin Front Mounted Pumper (Series 3) 1956-1963austin-front-mount-pump-a4

Thompson 350 gpm Front mounted pump

Registration: GSW 445




International AB150 Pumper 1963-1983inter-ab150

450 gpm front-mounted pumper

Registration: HUP 030





austin-tankerAustin Small Town Tanker 1964-1986

Registration: HOA 055





bedford-tankerBedford 4×4 Tanker 1965-1986

Registration: JOH 289