Fire Equipment Maintenance

The Eltham Fire Brigade provides a Fire Equipment Maintenance or FEM service to the areas of Eltham and surrounding suburbs that is conducted by qualified CFA personnel for all servicable fire fighting and fire prevention and safety equipment.

This includes all types of fire extinguishers, (water type, foam type, dry chemical, carbon dioxide CO2 and wet chemical) fire blankets, fire hose reels, hydrants and layflat hose.

All servicing is done in line with CFA Guidelines, and to relevant Australian Standards.

By ensuring that your fire equipment is appropriately maintained and checked at regular intervals, you can be sure that in an event of an emergency the equipment that you are relying on to save your life will work to expectation.

The CFA provides servicing for all types and brands of equipment including Quell and Wormald installed equipment, so if you live in the Eltham region, and need FEM, contact us by email to