New Eltham Station

Engine Bays

Engine Bays

As of December 24, we are happy to announce that we have officially relocated to our Brougham St site.  Come and visit us at our new location, and don’t forget to be aware of fire trucks now entering and leaving from Main Road between Brougham St and Pitt St.

Long before the promise of government funding over 3 years ago, long before the latest batch of vehicles were assigned, back in a time when the 2000’s were only beginning, the hunt for a block of land in Eltham was underway across many levels of the CFA to build a new station.

The current station had served its purpose, it had been extended, modified, extended again, modified again, the locker room became the admin area, the watchroom became an office, the lemon tree and hills hoist in the back yard were built over and became training and meeting areas, and the one bedroom multiplied to two, then to three. All on a quarter acre block.

On this quarter acre, the volunteer and career firefighters that protect the community of Eltham and surrounds gather to work, train, learn and respond to emergencies. A total of 60 people rely on this building to house the four firefighting vehicles the brigade has, all the associated equipment, the protective clothing and the tools required to serve their community.

In late 2012 word came to the firefighters of Eltham that land had been secured, and a plan was being drawn up for the new station.

After community engagement, brigade meetings, CFA meetings, architect meetings, tenders, plans, amendments, colour plans, plant selections and many other things you never knew were part of building a fire station things got underway.

The brigade operationally moved into the new station in December 2015.  The official opening of the station will occur very shortly.

We, the fire fighters of Eltham CFA, look forward to seeing you at the new station as much as we love seeing you all drop in at our current location.