New Resident's Pack

Eltham is a fire prone area and traffic in and out of Eltham can prove a challenge at the best of times. In an emergency, your access both in and out of Eltham may be substantially impeded. You need to have a plan and to know what to do when the hot weather of summer
increases the risk of fire in our area and you need to make sure that you are safe.

To help you be able to make informed decisions about fire safety, we have put together this information pack which includes some key information about fire risk in Eltham and surrounds. These documents include:

  • An overview of the 2017/2018 summer fire season risk
  • Fire Danger Ratings information – what do they mean?
  • Can I or can’t I? Describing what you can and can’t do on high fire risk days
  • Fire Ban District information for the whole of the state
  • Urban Grassfires information – how to stay safe when threatened by grassfire
  • BBQ Safety (because we all love a good barbie)
  • Your Guide to Survival – a comprehensive busfire safety booklet – must read!
  • Local Community Information Guides – specific guides for fire safety in our area

These resources are by no means exhaustive – but they are a good start.

Download the kit here.